Get involved

Get involved

Here at St Michael’s, we offer a number of opportunitites for students and families to feel involved in our community.

How can you join our community?


Parents and Friends

Our Parents and Friends are very proactive in the school and raise approximately $4,000–$6,000 a year for special initiatives. The Parents and Friends sub-committee meet on the Tuesday of Week 5 each Term at 6:00pm. All are welcome to attend.


School Council

School Council meet on the Tuesday of Week 5 each Term at 7:00pm, following the Parents and Friends business. These meetings are held in the School Office, with a Zoom link provided for individuals to join the meeting off site.



There are many opportunitites to volunteer within the school. We invite parents to volunteer when they can.



Parents and students are encouraged to take part in Catholic traditions at our wonderful parish.

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